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Following the success of the Hong Kong Summit 2022, co-hosted with Fight for Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Democracy Council is pleased to announce that the Hong Kong Summit 2023 is now open for registration.

This year’s Summit welcomes Hong Kong diasporic groups and organizations from around the world to construct and consolidate Hong Kongers’ pro-democracy network. The Summit seeks to provide a respectful discussion space, where diasporic organizers will collectively deliberate on the diaspora’s potential futures.

By bringing together Hong Kongers from diverse backgrounds, we hope to foster evaluative and introspective conversations and collaborations. The Summit will cultivate meaningful exchange with cross-movement allies, think tank researchers, human-rights defenders, and representatives from international organizations.

We look forward to welcoming you to our three-day Summit in Washington, D.C..

(The Summit will be conducted in both Cantonese and English.)

Who Can Join the Summit

To ensure security, (1) you must be affiliated with a Hong Kong diasporic organization, or (2) an individual or a Hong Kong diasporic organization must vouch for your identity. 

Due to limited capacity, priority will be given to representatives of Hong Kong diasporic organizations.


How to Join the Summit

  1. Submit the registration form.

  2. Contact your indicated organization or individual listed in this form right after submission. We will authenticate your identity by contacting the indicated organization or individual.

  3. Wait for an email confirming your attendance after we authenticate your identity and finalize the list of participants.

After the confirmation, you will receive additional materials via email, including a pre-Summit survey, payment instructions, and Summit information pack by mid-July.

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