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Co-hosting Partners

Having appeared in the Cannes Film Festival as the “surprise documentary,” Revolution of Our Times, a Hong Kong documentary directed by Kiwi Chow, hosted its first ever public screening with HKDC.


In the two U.S. nationwide screening in December 2021 and April 2022, we have expanded from hosting the screenings in 7 to 20 cities, in hopes of further disseminating the struggle for freedom  of Hong Kong.


Part of HKDC’s mission is to build, empower, and strengthen the diasporic network of Hong Kongers in the U.S., it is our honor to be working with the 24 local U.S.-Hong Konger and their organizations to make this event possible. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for their hard work and dedication, and we urge you to support the work of our local partners:


Local Partner Organizations

The HKDC team attended various panels at the screenings in Houston, New York, Seattle, and Washington to share and discuss their experiences and thoughts on the 2019 movement.

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