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Image by Jon Tyson

Monthly Briefing

As part of HKDC’s research and education efforts, HKDC is proud to present the Monthly Briefing. The Monthly Briefing series features a roundup of news items about democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Hong Kong, with additional coverage of issues relevant to Hong Kong’s role in U.S.-China relations. Each item is supplemented with analysis from the HKDC research team, which aims to unpack and demystify headlines and breaking news.

Hong Kong bishop visits Beijing in first visit in nearly 30 years

Foreign lawyers face increased barriers to participate in national security law trials

Department of Justice charges Chinese security agents for part in transnational repression scheme

Plans to Rebrand Hong Kong as a “Silicon Valley + Wall Street All-in-one City”

95% of the 12,000 approved applicants for Hong Kong’s global talent attraction scheme are from mainland China

Hong Kong Bar Association to Resume Annual Visit with Beijing Legal Institutions

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