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Image by Jon Tyson

Monthly Briefing

As part of HKDC’s research and education efforts, HKDC is proud to present the Monthly Briefing. The Monthly Briefing series features a roundup of news items about democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Hong Kong, with additional coverage of issues relevant to Hong Kong’s role in U.S.-China relations. Each item is supplemented with analysis from the HKDC research team, which aims to unpack and demystify headlines and breaking news.

U.S. -China Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement Temporarily Extended

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Has Stopped Requiring Companies to Disclose China-Related Risks

Value of Hong Kong Dollar Declined to 38-Year Low

US considered admitting John Lee to the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting

Hong Kong Property Market Left Struggling After U.S. Interest Rate Hikes

China introduced new foreign relations law

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